A congregational community accords the sacred privilege of participation in one another’s lives. We at Rodef Shalom have understood this for more than 150 years. We welcome new lives through birth. We celebrate marriage. We confront illness and loss. We do these things together. The knowledge that we are not alone imbues our experiences with meaning.

Within our congregational family, we appreciate the power that exists in joining together for worship and celebration. At Rodef Shalom, we do this by the dictates of the calendar, not by life’s vicissitudes. Whether we gather weekly for a joyous Shabbat service or celebrate those holidays and festivals most significant to us but once a year, the regular opportunity to share tradition and transcendence is— in the words of the psalmist—“more precious than rubies, and even fine gold.” (Prov. 8:11,10)

As you familiarize yourself with the way our congregation practices Judaism’s customs and rituals, marks life’s passages, and celebrates our holidays and festivals, you may wish to know more. Please feel free to contact us for answers to your questions. We hope that you will soon allow us to welcome you, to celebrate or share with you, and to consider you a member of our family.