Rodef Shalom Congregation welcomes interfaith families into our community and encourages participation for everyone. We are committed to creating a warm and inviting environment for families with diverse backgrounds. We strive to help non-Jews and new Jews navigate Jewish Life. It's mission is to develop programming that will welcome and support members of Rodef Shalom Congregation whose lives are touched by interfaith experiences.

This committee’s purpose is to address the many issues surrounding intermarriage and conversion. In an effort to meet the needs of interfaith couples and people choosing Judaism, we encourage active participation and involvement in our congregation. By sponsoring programs that promote the exploration and discussion of mutual concerns, we hope to help individuals, couples and families communicate and find sensitive answers to their interfaith questions. We seek to increase the understanding of Judaism and encourage the practice of Judaism in the home.

We believe that creating a welcoming environment where all are able to participate in life cycle events and be part of our temple family by serving on committees and attending social, religious and educational events, are the best tools to meet our goals and to create the kind of community that defines Rodef Shalom Congregation.

Interfaith Family Resources

Becoming a Jew

A pamphlet answering basic questions about conversion in an easily accessible question and answer format.

Glossary of Words and Terms for Jewish Living

Judaism is more than just a religion: it's a culture, a language, and a way of life. Though words Jews use to express themselves may have different roots or origins (Hebrew, Yiddish, German), their meanings are universal throughout the community. This glossary introduces some of the more common sayings appropriate for lifestyle and holiday events.

Intermarried? Reform Judaism Welcomes You

Yours + mine = ours. Every couple is formed by individuals from different backgrounds but interfaith couples and their families also face special challenges posed by religious and, sometimes cultural, differences. This pamphlet answers some basic questions and suggests some additional resources.

Recommended Reading for Interfaith Families

Interfaith issues can be difficult to deal with and finding relevant information to help you through faith-related conflicts can be a challenge. The following list of resources may help you to begin the journey for answers.

What's Missing from Our Congregation? ... You!

Created to examine the value of belonging to a synagogue and to dispel myths about synagogue membership, focusing on the synagogue as a house of worship, a house of assembly, and a house of learning.

Online Interfaith Resources

The Union for Reform Judaism is our national movement and its website contains food for thought on interfaith and other issues. Visit the Union at

The Jewish Outreach Institute is a national organization that seeks to empower and help the Jewish community welcome and fully embrace all members of interfaith families into Jewish life. Visit them at