Who are we? For more than 90 years, our 400-plus-member, all male organization has supported the Rodef Shalom community. We have links to brother organizations all across North America through our ties to Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ).

What does Brotherhood and its members stand for? Our tripartite service mission is succinctly expressed through our motto: Temple, Community, Fellowship.

What does that mean in practice?

We serve in routine ways, such as ushering at services. We provide programs that allow the Congregation to meet, mingle, learn, and enjoy good food. We also offer Sunday morning breakfasts and Thursday morning meetings that feature a wide array of speakers. Regardless of how it is manifest through our actions, we endeavor to spread the warmth we find in the Brotherhood throughout the congregation.

Outside Rodef Shalom, we provide food for the less fortunate and collect coats to warm those who would otherwise succumb to winter’s chill. We also offer programs open to the entire community, such as an annual concert to benefit the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, and sponsor interfaith lectures and programs.

Within the Brotherhood, we foster fellowship by working together on tasks we believe in and engaging in group activities. We attend to the life crises of our members, showing sympathy and friendship by extending aid and understanding.

Is that all?

No. There’s much, much more and we are open to your ideas, too. We would love to hear your thoughts and we welcome your help in making them become reality. Please consider joining us; or, if you are a passive member, come and take an active role.

Get connected. Brotherhood is at the heart of our Congregation and provides new members with a warm and welcoming introduction to the Rodef Shalom family. Brotherhood strengthens the bonds that tie us together.

Membership is $36 a year. To join, ask questions, or offer suggestions, contact Brotherhood President Richard Meritzer.