Aaron Bisno

Frances F. & David R. Levin Senior Rabbinic Pulpit

Rabbi Aaron Benjamin Bisno is the ninth rabbi to lead the Temple since its founding, 1856.  Rabbi Bisno has been with the community since June 2004.

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Rabbi Sharyn Henry is a lover of worship, music, education, social justice, and Rodef Shalom.

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Walter Jacob

Rabbi Emeritus & Senior Scholar

As he works to reestablish Reform Judaism in Germany—whose ambassador knighted him with a medal for his services—Walter Jacob remains active with Rodef Shalom in Pittsburgh, which he joined in 1955

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Steve Bram

The Murray Klein Executive Director

Steve is the guy in charge of our daily operations and our congregation’s leader when it comes to staff development, strategic planning, and partnering with members to get the job

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Becca Ackner

Operations Director

Becca helps assure the day-to-day operations of Rodef Shalom flow smoothly.

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Mimsie Leyton

Sidney & Shirley C. Rapport Family Center Director

With her love of children and Judaism, Mimsie Leyton enriches our congregation and its early childhood learning center.

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Liron Lipinsky, J-JEP Director Rodef Shalom Congregation

Liron Lipinsky

J-JEP Religious School Director

Liron is the head of our religious school and is all about making Jewish education relevant and meaningful for youth.

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Ariel Armstrong, Rodef Shalom Development Director

Ariel Armstrong

Development Director

As Development Director, Ariel helps our members realize the full potential of their roll in sustaining our Temple, as well as looks to outside sources of funding.

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Anna Baird

Programming & Events Director

Anna makes things happen... she's the creative force behind our programs, events, and special occasions.

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Carolyn Frischer

Membership Director

Carolyn is the welcoming face of Rodef Shalom, she’s our person in charge of engaging and introducing new members while showing appreciation and care for our current members.

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Lauren Wolcott

Communications Director

Lauren will keep you in the know about upcoming events and important information in the life of our congregation.

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Sherry Bell

Accounting Coordinator
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Martha Berg

Project Archivist
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Tony Campbell

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Yael Eads

Youthgroup Director
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Steve Johnson

Custodial Supervisor
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Bob Kelly

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Amy Langham, Rodef Shalom Congregation

Amy Langham

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Mike McHugh

Support Services Coordinator
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Don Megahan

Music Director


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