Rodef Shalom is a place for spiritual engagement and growth. It is also a place for engaging the world and making a positive impact on humanity. Indeed, among the many things we hold dear as a Congregation is the idea that we must be of service to each other, our religious community, and the community at large. Rodef Shalom offers many opportunities for members to do good and would welcome your helping hand in reaching out to those in need.

Two of our major initiatives are the Pursuer of Peace award, which went to Pittsburgh Roman Catholic Bishop David Zubik in 2010, and the Empty Bowls program, a multi-organization effort to help feed those who hunger in the Pittsburgh area.

Other ongoing Rodef Shalom initiatives include our Religious School Task Force’s efforts to remold our educational program and our Membership Committee’s exploration of new paradigms of affiliation and ways our Congregation can be a greater presence in the lives of its members and the community. Also, we continue to dialogue with our sister congregations with the aim of finding new and better ways to collaborate, such as our joint Shavuot Service with Temple Sinai. These and many other initiatives are concordant with Rodef Shalom’s ongoing mission of outreach, education, service, and the further development of Reform Judaism.